4 Best Ways for Graphic Designers to Make Money Online


People around the world have their own professional skills, graphic designers are one of them. Graphic designing is skill of playing with the different type graphics through digital tools. Well many graphic designers work in companies other consider it as free time fun. But there are many graphic designers who want to make money with the skills they have got. Here in this post, I will discuss and show you how your graphic designing skills will help to make money online.


Peopleperhour is one of the trusted websites on the web where people make money by selling the services in which they are expertise. There are many graphic designers on the site. The site only approves the person who is genuinely qualified for the job. To become a Seller on Peopleperhour, you have to submit the qualification certificates or you can show them your previous work. There are two way to get work on the website, one by posting Hourlies or by Find a Job and send them the proposal. One awesome thing about PPH is that you can get the maximum payout for the job, but the job should be worth that payment. Another good thing is that if you get a big amount job, you will get some deposit first (30%) and rest after the completion of job. Here is their official site.


Upwork was formerly Odesk and Elance (two companies). The Upwork is a marketplace of 8 million registered users. It’s a good place for graphic designers and other freelancers. On Upwork, you will get job for long term or for an hour, it all depend upon you which on you pick. Upwork has an awesome feature that you have to answer some questions in a test related to your profession (here graphic designing). If passed, your test result will be shown on your profile which is simply awesome to attract the clients. Upwork charges only 10% of the amount as Fees. For more about Upwork, you can visit their official site.


Fiverr is the marketplace where everyone sells their basic services to the sum of $5. On Fiverr, there is a name called gigs which are basically the services that you are providing. “I will create an awesome and professional logo” is an example of graphic designing fiverr gig. The basic cost of gig is $5 out of which you will earn $4 (fiverr charges $1 as fees). You can earn Thousands of dollars in Gig Extras. Gig Extras are the additional services which you will also provide with basic service e.g.  For the above graphic designing gig, gig extras will be “I will provide the logo in full HD format for extra $5”. Cool! Isn’t it? Just go to the fiverr, get your profile done and start earning.

Blog or website

Well, this is the best of all the other ways. Just create a website and provide the services there. Create a Good portfolio of your Graphic Designing work to attract clients. You have to do Some SEO for the website to bring it to the needy clients. The only great of having your own website is that you will charge you want for the service. But first you have to make a conversation with yourself “Is my service worth of the amount I am charging? Does my service fully satisfy my clients?” If you will provide quality service to the clients then that day will be no far when you will see your bank account credited with $$$$-$$$$$.


Final words

Well, above mentioned are the best places for graphic designers for making money online. Now it’s your turn to take action and earn money online. Hope you found this useful.