how to Find Best SEO Keywords for your Blog

how to find best SEO keywords for your blog

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In the internet business, it is essential to have the knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How to rank on 1st page of the Search Engine, how to do proper keyword research, how to make a blog SEO friendly and how to get organic traffic are some common questions asked by the most of the new bloggers. It’s not only writing the article and publishing it, but have to do Research of the keywords too. This article will help you to find SEO keywords for your blog, which will also lead to the top of the SERP. Let’s come to the point:

Keyword Research Tools

First you have to choose the keyword research tool from which you can do keyword research. There are many tools for doing keyword research such as Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro and SEMrush etc. You can use Google keyword planner which is good and free of cost. But if you want something advanced, you can use SEMrush. SEMrush is paid tool but it is more advanced. Now it’s time to do some Research.


Blog niche is the next thing which matters in keyword research. Some of the most popular and profitable niches are Blogging, Tech, Health Care and Personality Development. Your niche should have high monthly searches to get organic traffic and to earn some bucks.

Keyword Research

Now research begins by searching any of the keyword. For example here I’m searching the term Weight Loss using Google Keyword Planner. Look at the screenshot, you can see this keyword is getting 200K average monthly searches but the competition is high of this keyword. It means there are many competitors of this keyword. Now I’m searching the keyword Movie Reviews. This keyword is getting 110k average monthly searches and the competition is low as well. You should always choose those keywords which have higher monthly searches and lower competition. You can also choose some secondary keyword terms which are related to the main keyword e.g. for Movie Review keyword, I’ll also pick some secondary keywords like Fast & Furious movie review, Gravity movie review and so on. Use these secondary keywords with the main keyword for better SERP.

Now it’s your turn to find SEO keywords for your blog and do proper ON-Page SEO of these keywords. Thank you.

Happy Blogging… 🙂

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