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how to Find Best SEO Keywords for your Blog

how to find best SEO keywords for your blog

Hello folks, a warm welcome from me to you all. In the internet business, it is essential to have the knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How to rank on 1st page of the Search Engine, how to do proper keyword research, how to make a blog SEO friendly and how to get organic traffic are some common questions asked ... Read More »

Different Phases of a Blogger’s Life in GIFs


Today I have tried to describe the different moments/phases come about in a Blogger’s life. I am sure you must have experience at least anyone from these entertaining GIFs.      1.      When a Newbie creates a blog       2.    When a Blogger first time see its blog that went live       3.    When you are ... Read More »

Best Web 2.0 Sites to Create High Quality Backlinks


  I previously published a post in which I have shared about 25 web 2.0 sites. These sites are actually used to create quality backlinks to create more traffic. There are a number of link building strategies that help your blog/website in getting good rank at search engines. Article submission, directory submission or press release etc etc. do not provide ... Read More »

WordPress Resources for Beginners to Learn How to Use WordPress


  WordPress is one top most platform in the entire online world. WordPress beginners would get benefit from this WordPress guide to learn how to use WordPress. No more wait now its time to share few best WordPress resources for beginners like WordPress websites/WordPress blogs, 10 Websites about “WordPress” 1. – On this site, you can download and install a software script called WordPress. To do ... Read More »

High PR Dofollow Blogs 2014


    High PR Dofollow blogs play a significant role in getting good rank on Google SERPs. Although quality content is a key factor in getting ranked but pageranks has its own place to improve your SERPs and high pagerank is generally based on quality content and qualitybacklinks from high PR websites.  Dofollow backilnks ad more to your SEO as ... Read More »

How to Acquire Quality Backlinks from PR 8 to 9 Sites?


Quality Backlinks  Aaaah! Are always much loved… Being a webmaster you must know about the actual significance of high quality backlinks. They are always in demand by webmasters and Internet Marketers. –> They are a most prominent part of Off-Page SEO. They are we can say somewhat responsible for getting good rank in SERPs. Although there are also a number of other ... Read More »

An Instant Guide to Pyramid Link Building to Boost Up SERPs


  Pyramid Link Building is a highly effective approach to build backlinks. It amazingly improves your website’s SERPs and boost up traffic. Don’t know what the heck is behind this link building strategy? No worries! I am going to share an instant guide about Pyramid Link building strategies that will make clear the whole thing… So, find all necessary peak ... Read More »