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How to Use Facebook and Tips for Using Facebook in 2014


  Facebook is no doubt a top most social networking website that is extensively used by people in all over the world. Although there is no need to know that how to use facebook as everyone is much familiar with its features, apps etc…   But there are a number of tips on using facebook which would help you to enjoy ... Read More »

Learn to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups At Once


Joining multiple Facebook groups is a good practice as it helps you in getting more coverage on social media and in driving a considerable amount of traffic towards your website. So I would suggest you to update your Facebook account on regular basis by posting in each group that you have joined. Although, it is not an easy task to ... Read More »

How to Add an Awesome Facebook Like Box in Blogger?


  Facebook is a most prominent and well known social platform today. I am sure every blogger knows well how much it adds to your blog’s growth in different ways. You own a blog? Then you must have a Facebook like widget on your blog. Earlier I have published a tutorial about adding a Pop Up Facebook Like Box in ... Read More »

15 Most Popular Social Media Sites in 2014


How much does Social Media worth in 2014? Off course all of you are well informed about it. Social Media is massively contributing to the whole web; it helps you to get visibility and audience for your website. Today I am going to share with you a list of top 15 most popular Social Media Websites in the year 2014. ... Read More »

Two Simple Steps to Add Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger


The significance of social media is well known now for every blogger. Adding social widgets on your blogs help you to increase the number of visitors. Twitter Feeds Widget is one of these widgets that has been developed by Twitter to enhance your audience and Twitter followers. It contains valued features including most recent tweets displayed on website/blog having this ... Read More »

Learn How can You Hide your Facebook Friend List from Others?


Privacy matters almost in all affairs of life. At present, Facebook is one biggest platform that offers people to build an infinite social network. But a basic concern of Facebook users was also privacy. Facebook has introduced a new setting that offers multiple options to make your stuff confidential. Now you can have full control over your complete profile like ... Read More »

How Can You Add Pop Up Facebook Like Box in Blogger?

Social media is a rapidly growing source of getting visitors for your website and having a big audience is actually the focal point of any blogger. Facebook is one of the best social platforms and it is most prominent when we talk about social media. Today, I would like to discuss about a wonderful pop up Facebook like box that ... Read More »

Major Mistakes that You Commit While Using Social Media Platforms


Social media has become an essential element of internet marketing in 2014. If you want to run a successful business you must take assistance from social platforms. All of the top businesses in the whole world are highly concentrating on their social networks more than any other electronic media. So logically, it will be better to move along with new ... Read More »