How to Get Approved Google Adsense Account in One Hour?

Google adsense account
Google Adsense account is what all bloggers struggle for… after establishing a successful blog. But as we all know that there are some conditions proposed by Google for blogs/websites before applying for adense account to avoid any refusal.
Today’s tutorial is for all those who want to make money with adsense and found it difficult to get an approved Google adsense account for their blog or website.
So No more Worries!!! 😉 As in today’s post, I am going to share about how to get an approved Google adsense account simply in one hour… 
Step by step guide to get Adsense in one hour…
1.      Sign Up for Gmail account if you do not have one.
2.    Sign in to Youtube with your gmail account
3.    After signing in to Youtube, find “Monitization” in “Account Settings” and enable it for getting your Youtube adsense account  
4.    Accept all terms and conditions
5.     Click on “Monetize” tab
6.    Go to Youtube Setting >>> Monetization Settings
7.     Where you will find a new screen with an option to put Youtube channel address against I will show ad on—–
8.    Then click on continue tab that will redirect you to a new page with a form required necessary information
9.    You are required to enter required information and click on “Submit”
10.                        Now you need to wait for an hour or two and you will receive a confirmation email from Google about getting an approved Google adsene account successfully.
Note: Do not upload any video before applying for Google adsense account.
From the Editor’s Pen:
This was all about getting adsense quickly. I hope you would find it helpful and would enjoy making money with Google adsense. If so the please don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.
Stay Blessed
Good Luck 🙂 
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