Hit by a Google Penalty? Here’s How to Diagnose and Fix Issues Quickly.


Every blogger has his own story of his blog getting penalized by the Google. There are the bloggers who know that their blog has been penalized and there are also the bloggers who even don’t know about the Google penalty. Many bloggers lose hope and give up on blogging after hitting by the Google penalty. But everything doesn’t end here, you can recover from the penalty and get back your ranking. Don’t worry you can do it. It just needs time and hard work. First let’s familiarize you about the different Google updates.

Step 1: Understanding different kinds of Google Updates

Panda Update

This Update was born in 2011. This was the first giant sting for the blogs. The purpose of this update was to snap down the blogs containing poor quality content, not better design and excessive ads.

Venice update

Venice update was born in 2012. The number of local search results increased with this update.

Penguin update

This update came in the existence in 2012. This updates just swept all the spammy sites around the Google. It shut downed all the things like link building, keyword stuffing etc. in other words, panda update cracked down all the black hat seo strategy.

Pirate update

This update was also born in 2012. This update targeted the blogs copying the other sites content.

Secure update

Secure update born in 2014. This update just give preference to the blogs have SSL security. as the growth of hacking around it is necessary to secure the blog with SSL.

Mobilegeddon update

Mobilegeddon update was born in 2015. This update gives preference to the blogs which are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Step 2: Find out the reason of penalization.

The major thing to do is to find out what is the reason your blog have been penalized for. You should know that your blog have been penalized by penguin or panda update. Following are the instructions which will surely help you to find out.

  • Use penalty indicate tool.

You can use a tool called Blog Penalty Checker (by FE International) to find out which penalty has hit your blog. But the limitation of this tool is it only shows only big algorithm changes only.

  • Use SEMrush to find out the exact cause and update which hit your blog.

This tool will give you the whole site audit with which you will get to why and how your SERP changed.

Step 3: Learn how to recover.

When the blog owner gets a manual Google penalty he/she will be alerted through a letter in Webmaster Tools. By this, the owner at least have an idea how he can recover his blog. On the other hand, when the blog is hit by an algorithm change, it becomes difficult for the owner how he/she can recover the blog. Well now you have to take action on your penalized blog to bring it back on ranking again. Following are the points which you have to follow to bring the blog back on SERP.

  • Start removing the spammy or unnatural links manually.
  • You have to delete/clean all the copied or duplicate content.
  • Make sure that the anchor tag is diversified.
  • You have to keep an eye on user experience.
  • Create quality and rich content without stuffed keywords in it.
  • Build authority links by guest posting.

To avoid future Google penalties you have to keep the following points in the mind.

  • Your blog should not contain excessive ads.
  • Your blog must have good quality content.
  • Your blog doesn’t contain links from the spammy sites.
  • Your blog should have legal security certificate.
  • Your blog doesn’t copy content from other blogs and your content must contain copyrights.
  • Your blog should be responsive and mobile friendly/working fine on mobile.

Final words

I hope you got everything clearly as I defined everything in a nutshell. if you have to stay in Google, you have to follow White-Hat strategy.  Just build a blog full of quality content, authority links and fewer ads.

Thank you.