The Top SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2016


The SEO Trends changes every year. The buzz around the SEO world during the 2015 was enormous. Many new things came into existence in the year 2015. We saw and faced many new updates and algorithms of Google. Well in this post we will talk about the SEO trends or predictions that will dominate 2016. By taking these things in mind you will surely maintain your SEO ranking.

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Mobile Optimization will become more essential than Desktop Optimization

By the increase of Smartphones, people love to stay online on mobile phones instead of PC. By this, Google already brought new update this year called Mobilegeddon update. After this update, Google only pays attention to the websites which are mobile-friendly. This clearly means that Google declares desktop specific website isn’t important. Well, this is an immense trend of SEO trends and will continue in 2016 as well.

Local SEO will be more important than ever

As we know local SEO was not that important in the 2015 and past years. But now in 2016, Google will mark local SEO more important than ever. As the competition grows on web, Google focus on local SEO .This SEO trend is the key benefit to the local businesses coz they will get to be more seen in Google now. Now, you have to make sure that you use right Google-maps information and stay on top for the local keywords.

Video content will go beyond the written content

We have heard/seen that written content is almost the base of SEO but the rise of visual content like infographics, images and videos let it go beyond the written content. Now in 2016, this is the top SEO trend that video content will overtake written content in terms of engagement, reach, social signal and overall ROI. Google has experimenting this in search results by showing the video based ads. Well a little tip by me is that always try to add a video related to the blog post which will boost the ranking.

The content of social sites will be indexed faster

The content of social websites already gets indexed by the Google by now its will be indexed faster in 2016. If you search anything in Google, you will get Facebook post or Twitter tweets in search results. This means Google has made a deal with social networks (Facebook, Twitter). Well in 2016 this SEO trend will continue and the content of those websites will gain more appearance in search engines.

The power of News and Event reportage will be diminished by aggregated content

The content which is posted frequently will get more ranking then the news or event content in 2016. In other words, the website which posts regular and instantaneous content will overtake the news websites. By this, there will be more visibility for editorial and evergreen content in search results.

Final words

Well these were the top SEO trends which will dominate 2016. There will be many other things which will take place in the year but these are the main essential things to consider.