Best Web 2.0 Sites to Create High Quality Backlinks

Web 2.0 Sites
I previously published a post in which I have shared about 25 web 2.0 sites. These sites are actually used to create quality backlinks to create more traffic. There are a number of link building strategies that help your blog/website in getting good rank at search engines. Article submission, directory submission or press release etc etc. do not provide satisfactory results after Google penguin update.
So today I am going to share web 2.0 sites list where you will get about more than 25 resources of web 2.0 sites which are widely used these days. You simply sign up on these sites usually and get quality backlinks by putting your website link in “about” or “bio” section. Then you just need to become an active user of that platforms. Having quality backlinks is not an easy task but you just need to be selective for the ways you adopt for link building strategy. Web 2.0 sites are one of the best ways we can say to get high quality and authenticbacklinks.
If you are a beginner, then you can get advantage from this list in which I have tried to include best web 2.0 sites to create backlinks with no trouble.
So no more wait… and get the list that also includes web 2.0 social networking sites
1.      Blogger | It’s a free platform to create free blogs powered by Google where you can share content, image and videos…
2. | is a most powerful web 2.0 site and free blogging platform like Blogger, its powered by the open source WordPress software.
3. | a forum to get help or support regarding WordPress.
4.    Google+ | is another social network by Google where you can share your stuff with link back to website.
5.     Facebook | As we know it’s the largest social networking site that allows people to interact with friends and others who study, work or have same business profession.
6.    Pinterest | A best tool for collecting and organizing data you require. Also allows you to share your content through uploading pins having your website’s link.
7.     Twitter | is another one of the most popular web 2.0 sites that permits micro-blogging to share your links.
8.    Reddit | is a kind of social networking website that allows its registered users to submit content in text form or in the form of links. A huge traffic can be directed to your website with the use of this site only.
9.    Alexa | provides information about website’s traffic stats, internal links, external links and global ranking etc.
10.                        Tumblr | is a social platform powered by Yahoo that allows you a kind of micro blogging with that you can share links, images or videos etc etc.
11.  StumbleUpon | is the most simple way to find new websites, videos and photos from across the web. It also drives good traffic to your website when you submit your post’s link there. |one of the best web 2.0 sites resources of getting backlink and traffic. It helps people to know about you and your work. You just need to create a page there for free that doesn’t require any additional skills. |It’s a kind of social networking site that allows users to ask question with the option of secrecy.
14.BizSugar |It’s an online community and one of the top web2.0 sites also where you can share business tips, you blog posts, business news etc etc…
15. EzineArticles | It’s an article directory that allows to submit free submissions and exchange links to the authors’ sites that helps in getting links and visibility for their work also.
16.Flickr | helps to categorize a huge collection of images you have and offers a way for you and your friends and family to tell stories about them.
17.| another reliable one from web 2.0 sites allows you to use it with Twitter account where you can submit content and put your links in comment section too. It directs a large number of visitors to your website.
18.Instagram| It’s more entertaining way to share your life events through images with your friends and other people.
19.         LinkedIn| It is one of the most influential social network and its basically for professional entrepreneurs.
20.                      LinkedInPublishing Platform | In today’s web 2.0 sites list, this one we can one the most supportive platform for professionals to get visibility for your brand in front of professional targeted audience. |It mainly provides a content curation service with which you can publish an online newspaper. You can also share your website’s link there.
22.                       MySpace |Another web 2.0 site that allows email, videos, forums, communities and weblog space etc.
23.                       SlideShare | The world’s biggest platform for sharing PowerPoint slides, OpenOffice presentations, Keynote, PDF files and infographics.
24.                       YouTube | is the largest search engine for videos. U here can share Here sharing website allowing billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos.
25.                       Vimeo | is a video sharing website where users can upload and view videos. You can put your blog’s link as well.
26.              | is one of the world’s largest communities for infographics and visualization.
27.                       Wikipedia | is a free Internet encyclopedia.
28.                       Yahoo Answers | is a kind of knowledge market by Yahoo. You can answer a question or can put new question there with your profile link.
From the Editor’s Pen:
This is the list of web 2.0 social networking sites. I hope it would help you in getting highquality backlinks and traffic as well. If you enjoy reading this post then do not forget to share it with your friends. And if you want any other site of web 2.0 to be included in this list then let us know about that in your feedback.
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